What is unique about a sunflower?

Sunflower – “sunny flower”, was cultivated by the ancient Indians. This flower was worshiped as a deity, and its seeds were collected and carefully stored. Europeans, having become acquainted with this culture, did not immediately understand its purpose.

They saw that sunflower seeds serve as food for parrots and other birds. They themselves tried to make coffee from the seeds, but since the seeds were oily, from them over time they learned how to get butter.

Seeds were comforted by our ancestors in ancient times, and not out of boredom, but because often healers gave such advice. A treat in the form of sunflower seeds is tasty, satisfying and healthy. It was noticed that after evening gatherings with seeds, a person quickly regains strength after a hard day and falls asleep more easily. Traditional healers have noticed the ability of sunflower seeds to positively affect the male body, increase male strength.

During the development of science, scientists studied sunflower seeds and found that they have a rich composition.

The seeds contain many useful substances – proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins A, E, C, tannins, carotenoids, minerals, phytin, phospholipids, organic acids (tartaric, citric, chlororgenic). Sunflower seeds are the leader in magnesium content. 100 grams of seeds of magnesium is 6 times more than 100 grams of rye bread. In composition, they are close to nuts. They also contain manganese, copper, cobalt and zinc. These biologically active components rejuvenate the body.

Shelton and other naturopathic doctors recommended seeds for therapeutic nutrition, arguing that they contain all the essential amino acids. With the spread of this culture in many countries, oil mills began to open. After all, oil from sunflower seeds has a pleasant aromaticity, has a golden color, excellent nutritional properties. In our country, sunflower oil is the most popular and favorite. And the climatic conditions in the south of Russia allow you to grow sunflowers in large volumes.

In addition to seeds and oil from them, in young people often use young baskets of sunflower flowers. In industry, they produce polysaccharide pectin, known as a gelling agent for the production of other food products. In the body, pectin binds and removes salts of heavy metals, which are radionuclides.

If your nerves begin to fade, you become too irritable, your hair and nails fade, you become tearful for no particular reason – it’s time to buy a packet of seeds and eat a few handfuls every evening. But the most useful thing is to collect new sunflowers in the summer and husk their seeds with milky-white sweetish pulp.

What a seemingly simple-looking sunflower flower! But what strength lies in it, how much benefit it brings! And with all its strength, its fruits are available to many. No need to treat the seeds scornfully, because their healing properties are scientifically proven.