Essential oils for focus and concentration

Aromatherapy for Concentration

When I used to talk at a radio show in Ecuador, I would choose themes that would provide helpful tips to listeners. 

During my experience, I discovered that as the first school trimester was coming close to its end, parents were nervous about their children failing the tests.  I talked about the benefits of using essential oils that not only stimulate the nervous system but are cephalic as well, meaning that they improve memory and concentration.  Hundreds of mothers tried out the essential oils and reported after the school exams that the oils definitely helped.

The essential oils for memory and concentration are: 
Spearmint Essential Oil: restorative, strengthens memory, stimulates the mind 
Peppermint Essential Oil: stimulates nerves and brain, improves concentration and study 
Cardamom Essential Oil: fortifying, tonic of the brain and nervous system 
Rosemary Essential Oil: clears the mind, sharpens the memory and boosts the nervous system

A solution for lack of focus and motivation

Based on that experience, I combined all those oils into a single product, Memory Essential Oil Blend. 

I tried it first when my son when he was in 4th grade and was having problems with his spelling tests. While he was learning and memorizing the spellings, he sniffed a tissue that had 2 drops of the Memory essential oil. The next day, right before school, he took a few sniffs of the oil again and carried the tissue to the exam room.  When the exam came along, he was able to identify with the familiar smell and relate it to the moments when he was studying. 

This helped him immensely in recalling what he had learned the previous day and gave his memory an instant boost. As a result of this simple therapy, he ended up with straight A’s in spelling.  
Now he is in college and Memory is part of his everyday routine at home. He puts 5 drops of the essential oil in an aromatherapy diffuser on his desk – this helps him focus without getting distracted.  

Another great help for focus and concentration is our Alert Body Mist if you have trouble staying alert during the day while you work or while you drive, just spray a couple of times on your face to help you gear up for day to day. This method can be beneficial for children with ADD and ADHD and to anybody needing some extra help with their concentration.