Corporate gifts

On the eve of New Year holidays the population of our country is covered by gift fever: in the last month everyone is trying to choose the most original and at the same time useful things for their friends, relatives and colleagues. And if in the case of relatives and friends, we usually know what they like, but with colleagues, customers and partners at work, the situation is more complicated. How not to get confused, and in the pre-New Year’s hectic pace not to make mistakes? After all, corporate gifts – a tool by which your business can either go up or stagnate.

Choosing Gifts

First of all, you should choose a corporate gift very seriously, because the price for a mistake in this case is very high. Choosing a poor, trivial or inappropriate gift, you risk ruining your reputation, ruin the contract or lose a valuable client. Choosing a gift you should remember that its main purpose is to remind about the company, to emphasize its status, to form a positive association, as well as to increase loyalty.

If you are choosing a gift for the client or a business partner, the successful thing will be something that can be placed in the office or in the office, such as a painting, an antique map. Such a gift will be a reminder of your company and your partnership. Although you can also look for great options for gifts on the Giftcards market.

In order to emphasize the nature of your relationship, a good choice would be an accessory that complements the business closet: a business card holder or a tie. Try to choose a gift that best reveals the personality of your colleague or client: a pragmatic person will like stationery, a punctual person will like a decorative desk clock or a diary, and a romantic nature will not disregard a neckerchief or a luxurious casket. If you are sure of your colleague’s preferences, feel free to give him wine accessories or accessories for smoking. An original corkscrew, a stylish decanter, an unusual lighter or a book about your favorite drink will emphasize your attention.

Remember that the gift should correspond to the rank and position of the person in the company. Choosing a gift for the executive, give preference to handmade products of exotic wood or precious metals, with inlaid precious stones, engraving or decorative carving. Such a gift will emphasize your respect and pay tribute to his business qualities. You can also play on the symbolism, presenting an umbrella with a handle in the form of a lion or an eagle. This way you will accentuate the personal qualities of your colleague, which are so highly valued in business: strength, power, courage and steadfastness. Try to find the symbol that best describes your company or the person you are giving the gift to. Being creative is sure to set your gift apart from the rest of the mundane stuff.

Don’t forget that a corporate gift can say a lot about a company: both good and, alas, bad. An unusual and interesting item will emphasize that your company is creative, able to think strategically and show proper attention to the client. You can also choose a Bonefish card or other gift card, which will be a great gift.