Cosmetic eyebrow tattoo: powder technique

If you have light eyebrows and are tired of dyeing them, look for long-term options. There are many techniques in the implementation of cosmetic tattoo. Consider powder spraying in detail. It is the creation of colour and shape by injecting a colouring pigment under the skin. The result is a long-lasting pattern, an alternative to the classic staining. How much do powdery eyebrows cost in Melbourne? What is the peculiarity of the technique and other nuances, read in this article.

What is the difference between powder technique and others?

A logical question arises when studying options for eyebrow tattooing. Consider the powdery effect and prices in Melbourne. The pigment is punctured under the skin with a needle, creating a light shade. For example, microblading involves making fine incisions in the skin where paint injected. Eyebrow tattooing with shading has a denser structure, in contrast to the powdery effect, and the price will not differ much. Powdered eyebrows in Melbourne are made in our salon by trained masters. Look at the photos of the work.

How to prepare for the procedure

To make powdery eyebrows, find out the price on the Face Figurati website. The Studio Face Figurati  located in Melbourne. Check out examples of work. Choosing a specialist is an essential part of training. To make powdery eyebrows in Melbourne, call our salon and specify the details.

Next, you should think about the form, because you do this for a long time. The wizard will help you create beautiful, taking into account the type of face. You may need to do some trial runs with a pencil.

If viral diseases are present, they must cure before the procedure. You can strengthen the immune system, heal wounds.

To get the eyebrow spraying service, check the price in our salon. It can do in person or by phone.

Stages of the procedure

Powdery eyebrows can make in Melbourne. The Face Figurati studio provides services to its clients in a cozy atmosphere. The process will describe below so that you know from inside the work.

  • The workplace, chair, hands of a specialist, and work area are all subject to antiseptic treatment.
  • The master will offer options for shape, colour, brightness to create the powdery eyebrows, specify the cost.
  • Anesthesia applied to the brow area.
  • The pigment injected under the skin with a powder eyebrow tattoo machine. The price of such devices does not bite, but it is better to trust the salons that use professional equipment.
  • In the process, the master will remove excess pigment and apply additional anesthesia.
  • Inspection of the result obtained adjustments.
  • Removal of excess pigment from the skin.
  • Care recommendations.

How long does the process take

Powdery eyebrow dusting can be of varying complexity. The price depends on it. Salons in Melbourne focus on quality. That is why there is no single standard for the time spent. Based on experience, an average of 50 minutes required per service Facefigurati.

Eyebrow care after the procedure

Having made powdery eyebrows, I want the price to justify itself. You will become the owner of beauty for a long time if you follow simple rules.

  • In the first three days, avoid getting wet.
  • Give up physical activity.
  • Apply dry ice.
  • Eliminate overheating.
  • A crust will appear that cannot turn off.
  • For 1-3 days, there will be edema, which will go away.
  • Cosmetic EYebrow tattoo Melbourne: powder technique

Duration of the powder coating effect

Depends on various factors: age, skin type, body nuances. For many, the pigment begins to lighten after 1.5 years. Powdery eyebrow dusting will pay off the price. The stain does not change colour. It only fades with time.