Vibrational Aromatherapy: Individual Essential Oils


Jasmine, more than any other oil, speaks to us for the unity of apparent opposites. Renowned for thousands of years as a powerful aphrodisiac, Jasmine is an equally potent aid to spiritual development.

Jasmine brings together the strength and fiery dynamism we associate with Yang energy and the soft earthiness of Yin. With jasmine, we are helped to understand that there is no division between physical and divine love.

Jasmine is thought to develop the artistic senses for some people, this may relate to their own creativity, for others it may make them more responsible for visual beauty, music, etc.


Juniper berry has been used as a ritual incense for thousands of years. It is a cleanser and detoxifier of both the physical body and the subtle bodies. It is particularly useful for clearing any negative energy that has accumulated, especially if this is through contact with other individuals with whom you do not feel in attunement. 
Ideally, Juniper essential oil can be used as a ritual bath in which case the cleansing power of water itself can be invoked as well as the cleansing power of Juniper. If this is not possible, sprinkle one or two drops of Juniper oil on the palms of the hands and stroke them lightly over the surface of the physical body and/or even the aura. It is essential that in doing this, each stroke of the hands is taken right down to the ground, touching the earth and sweeping the negative energy away from the person needing to be cleaned. 
Juniper can also be used for cleansing rooms and buildings of any unwanted energy. This is particularly helpful when moving into a new house, or if some unpleasant event has taken place in your home.


Lavender is known in traditional aromatherapy as the most versatile of oils: sedative, antiseptic, painkilling, anti-depressant, calming and above all, balancing. Lavender benefits all the chakras, with an action that is both calming and energizing. The soothing and relaxing effects of Lavender can help in reaching more profound states of meditation. Another balancing/harmonizing effect of lavender is in helping to integrate our spirituality into everyday life.


Mandarin has many of the qualities of the other citrus, at both the physical and the subtle levels, but in a more refined and delicate form. It helps us to get in touch with our inner child.


Marjoram oil diminishes the desire for sexual contact and is associated with celibacy: this is a specific physical effect of the oil, mainly if used in nightly baths. At an emotional level, Marjoram has a comforting and warming impact which eases loneliness and grief. This is particularly valuable when a loved partner has died.


Just as the fruit of the orange tree nourishes the body, the oil nourishes the soul, feeding it with feelings of joy. Use this oil when you feel joyous and experience its affinity with your own happiness. Use it, too, when you are sad, and be nourished by it.


Patchouli oil is deep brown in color, with an intense, earthy aroma. The oil is associated with the Base Chakra, on which it exerts a strengthening and grounding effect. Patchouli is especially valuable for ‘dreamers’ and people who tend to neglect of feel detached from their physical bodies. Patchouli helps to ground and integrate energy and keep us in touch with our physical selves.


Peppermint acts upon the ego, dispelling pride. It helps equally to overcome feelings of inferiority. It is associated with cleanliness and helps people who want to live an ethical life.


Pine oil is cleansing, and invigorating, promoting feelings of energy and wellbeing and this is just as true at a subtle level as at the physical level. It speeds healing of the physical body, though the oil is more appropriate for use in the actual presence of the ailing person rather than for absent healing.


Rose is, above all, the flower of love, both human and divine. Rose is the supreme oil of the Heart Chakra, the center of love, whether that be love for one person or universal love. The unfolding of a Rose, from bud to flower, symbolizes the unfolding of love within the heart. It brings healing to the Heart Chakra and helps to open it again when grief has caused it to close down, but where the chakra is already open, Rose strengthens its energy, enabling love energy to radiate out. It can also deepen the devotional expression of love for a deity. Rose has an equal affinity with the Sacral Chakra, the center of creativity, sex and conception.