How to choose a diamond ring

A professional diamond selection is based on four criteria: cut, carat, color and clarity. It is advisable to pay attention to the presence of a certificate. On the other hand, diamond certification is not always very important, as we will tell you below. But in practice, the decisive importance is usually given to the shape of the stone. Some like it round, some like it oval, and some like it drop-shaped.

Cut diamonds in rings

The proportions of the cut of stone determine the refraction of light rays within it, and therefore its brilliance. The proportions are the ratio of the size of the stone to the shape and angles of the facets. In most cases, when light hits the stone, 20% of it is reflected and looks like glare, while most of the rest of the light shines out from below. To the eye it is invisible, and the light is lost. It is important not to make the cut too small (a flat stone). In this case the incoming light will hit the side facet of the pavilion at too big an angle. Because of this, the maximum percentage of light rays will go through the bottom of the stone, which will deprive it of its shine.

The same thing will happen if the pavilion is too deep (a stone with a very sharp bottom angle). In this case the beam will fall on the wedge of the pavilion at an excessively sharp angle. Reflecting, it will pass through the facet, coming out through the bottom of the faceted stone to the side. If the proportion is correct, the light will hit all the facets of the pavilion and be reflected at right angles. Then the ray is reflected from the opposite facet of the bottom part of the stone and refracts again at right angles. It almost completely comes back out, which looks like a gorgeous fire glow. To calculate the required depth of a diamond in percent, you have to divide its actual depth by the width of the pad. 

Carat of diamonds

One carat is 0.2 g. The smallest cut diamond has a weight of 0.01 carats. They are used in the manufacture of rings, but it is quite difficult to see them – they are 1 mm in diameter or less. The bigger the carat of the diamond, the bigger the stone itself. Of course, a big stone absorbs and reflects more light, and therefore looks more spectacular than a smaller one. However, a big diamond does not mean it belongs to the high class. Its cut and proportions may be far from ideal, and as a result it loses its sparkle and appearance. When choosing the perfect diamond ring, both the grade and carat of the stone should be taken into consideration. You can choose the best jewelry here