Fine-tuning targeting in CS:GO

As a rule, for a headshot with most rifles a single hit is enough. Of course, if it were that simple, you’d be using the csgo case for a change and not reading this guide. So, how positioning affects your shooting.

Positioning. Try to take cover, places where you have and should have an advantage. Often you can see players taking disadvantageous positions (they must be able to take cover to reload, throw a grenade, retreat to another point). For example, the position in front of the double doors on the map length de_dust2_se is bad for counter-terrorists, a great chance to catch a flash grenade, your cover is very far, you do not use the corners to your advantage.

Staying in the pit the counter-terrorist has a good opportunity to see the enemy coming out of the door and a good cover, the chance to catch a flash grenade is low, he can easily counter-flash the enemy and his teammates have time to help him. Try to take a more advantageous position in relation to the opponent. For example, playing behind the box at point “B” holding the upper tunnel, you can use the box to protect your torso – you see the whole opponent and he only part of the target, so it will be harder for him to hit you.

Headshots. The head is obviously the most important target in a Counter-Strike shootout, but in practice it’s harder than it looks. After gaining experience on deathmatch servers, knowing the advantages of positioning and shooting styles, you will have a certain advantage over your opponent. But here’s the paradox! Don’t get hung up on just shooting heads. Yes, it’s cool to kill your enemy with one shot, with almost any kind of weapon, but we try to convey to players the idea of shooting to kill. If you focus too much on the head, you can miss a lot of other opportunities to eliminate your opponent. The head is good – but hitting the body does significant damage to the opponent as well.

Tip on using grenades

Use binds to get an instant flash grenade or smoke by pressing the “F” or “H” keys respectively. You can set a bind to any other grenade, hegrenade or molotov. Thus, in situations where you need to throw a grenade urgently, you do not need to go through all the available grenades in the arsenal, looking for the right one. In the process of setting up the game advise look at the configuration of professional players cs:go, they will help optimize the game for the capacity of your computer, the characteristics of devices used, increase fps in the game, which ultimately affect your performance.

We recommend that you carefully understand the settings of the game, there is no config, which is ideal for everyone, for any video card, PC configuration, devices need their settings, and your goal is to find them. Do not be lazy to understand the stuffing tested config, game startup parameters, video card settings, binds and optimize it for your computer, make config primarily comfortable for you. Only after spending personal effort to configure the game config CS:GO and adapt it for yourself, it makes sense to download it. You can also start using here.