Eat Sleep Burn Weight Loss

It is quite possible to lose weight in your sleep, experts say. The body works during the night as well. All we need to know is how many calories our body burns every night, so that we can go to bed with a clear conscience and with a good view of our dream body shape.

Night time workout

The body consumes energy constantly, without breaks for lunch, weekends and nighttime sleep. It also actively uses calories while sleeping. Studies have shown that the greatest energy expenditure occurs during sleep, and thus calories burned, during the fastest phases, i.e. when the eyes, covered by the eyelids, are quite active. After all, during this period of time, the brain is extremely awake and requires glucose. The heartbeat and blood pressure also increase at this time.

Also at night the body is engaged in restoration and regeneration of tissues – it needs to heal the scratches on the skin, restore the performance of organs, establish normal processes, etc. Everything works on a cellular level, but it takes a lot of energy. So, for example, if you work out during the day, then your muscles start to hurt, at night the body will work on restoring them and normalizing their activity. Energy is also required to digest food – a lot of people eat at night, go to the kitchen to the fridge at night and generally spend a lot of time eating. In this situation, even eating sleep burn tea won’t help you get rid of the extra weight.

How many calories are burned

Naturally, one of the main questions related to eat sleep burn weight loss is this: how many calories can be burned overnight? The amount of energy expended by the body during a night’s sleep depends on a whole set of factors – the duration of sleep, the phases of fast and deep sleep, the rate of metabolism, etc. Also very important are factors such as breathing, blood circulation and activity of internal organs, which also affect the amount of energy expended by their intensity. Weight should also be taken into account in calculations – the more a person weighs, the more energy he needs to live.

It is also worth calculating the amount of sleep. On average it was found that a person weighing about 58-60 kilograms burns about 38 calories per hour of sleep. Accordingly, it remains only to calculate how many hours you spent in bed to understand the energy expenditure occurred during it. But that’s not all you need to know about the eat sleep burn method.

Additional measures

Experts point out that you should not rely only on losing weight at night. It is quite possible to improve your nighttime metabolism if you add activity to your main day. Exercise, non-sitting work and other factors that make you put in physical effort help speed up the process of burning calories at night. And if you additionally remove from your diet foods that slow down the digestive process (alcohol, fatty foods, fried foods, etc.), you can further improve the results.

Monitor the quality of sleep, which is just as important as the quantity. So, you will not get any results if you do not get enough sleep. Adolescents should sleep at least 8 hours, preferably 9 hours of continuous sleep, according to current standards. For adults, the norm may be a little less – about 7 hours. If sleep is interrupted, the body does not complete the phases required for normal functioning – muscle recovery, memory, production of hormones that also regulate growth and appetite suffer.

It is important to understand that sleep during the night changes in periods. Its architecture follows the pattern of alternating fast and deep sleep in a cycle that repeats every 90 minutes. 

Stages of sleep

It is important to understand what stages of sleep the body goes through and how each affects the body. So, the first one is the period between wakefulness and falling asleep, or light sleep. Here the heart and breathing may still be irregular, and the temperature is still at daytime levels. The second stage is the onset of sleep. The breathing and heartbeat level off, and the temperature begins to drop. This is why it is recommended to sleep in a cool room.

The third stage is the deepest sleep, when the pressure drops, breathing becomes slower, muscles relax, active tissue repair begins, important hormones are produced. Then the cycle repeats. Good quality sleep is extremely important for any person, because it ensures the normal functioning of the immune system, regulates all processes in the body, helps to coordinate the feeling of hunger and satiety. And if we deprive ourselves of sleep, then we have a need for more food during the day to restore energy reserves. And this provokes weight gain. 

If you constantly feel tired, worn out, constantly hungry, etc., it’s worth thinking about the quality of your sleep. If you have any problems, you should see a doctor in order to eliminate the problem.