The best ways to dispose of your acquired Spanish property

In this age of globalization, anything is possible if you just want and try. So, you have identified for yourself as an attractive opportunity to invest in housing in Spain, marked the benchmark – in what point of the country and what kind of housing you want to buy, coordinated desires with opportunities and ready to deal. Either you are already the owner of land for sale mallorca or real estate in one of the beautiful Spanish cities. In both cases, every investor should ask themselves the question: what will happen next?

At the stage of preparation for the purchase of the question of how you will dispose of the acquired property, will affect many factors, up to the amount that is better to invest, and, accordingly, the type of housing purchased. There are other nuances, about which we will talk in more detail.

Apartment, house or villa in Spain: we live, rent or wait for the right moment for resale

Whatever housing you choose, you can live in it permanently (by obtaining a residence permit) or a few months a year (according to the law, property owners who do not have a residence permit, can stay in the country on a multi visa to 90 days every six months). Many investors buy housing to live in those few months of the year, when it is cold in Russia. In the rest of the year an apartment, house or villa may be empty, friends or relatives may come there to rest, taking advantage of the hospitality of the owners for free or for a fee by agreement. Of course, this option is associated with increased costs.

It is necessary to pay monthly maintenance and also to pay the tax for the accommodation. Spain is considered a very democratic country in this regard: the annual tax “Impuesto sobre Bienes Inmeubles”, abbreviated – IBI, the same for non-residents and residents and ranges from 0.4 to 1.1% of the cadastral value of the property, the exact figure depends on the location and type of housing. But, nevertheless, it is a certain item of expenditure. And as for the maintenance of housing, it is necessary to decide the following: who will do the cleaning, pay monthly bills, solve urgent issues on repairs and other issues? Usually in such situations, investors turn to various specialized companies, where they select people to solve all issues. In the case described above, the apartment can later be used for living of children, if they plan to get an education in Spain or move there for cohabitation. Options are standard and do not differ from investing in housing in Russia. This is in all respects a promising investment.

The next option – the purchase of real estate for subsequent resale with the benefit. This way to generate income can be attributed to long-term investment. Buying an apartment or other type of housing cheaper than market value, for example, in the construction phase, you can resell it only after a few years. For some time, when the object will be ready to live, the owner can use it as described above. Still the same questions will be relevant, but since resale is planned, there is another important nuance. Investors should have their own real estate agent in the country, who will monitor the market situation and help not miss the moment for a profitable sale. The third option – a popular and often the main reason for buying a home in Spain: the rental of the acquired property. It can be considered the most promising in terms of income and return on investment.

Often, if we are not talking about elite real estate and there is a goal to save money, investors try to solve the issues of its maintenance independently. This involves a number of inconveniences, when the owner lives in another country. Therefore, it is more appropriate to contact a specialized agency.