Bug Be Gone

My husband swears by this product!!!  He works in the yard every day and this is the only product that deters the bugs.  Thank you!

Kathy M – Swansboro, NC

I have been bitten really bad for years.

Used all the store brands Deet, Off and even tried the waist holders that run with batteries. All were a waste of money. None of them worked. Until I was on vacation 6 years ago to the Smokies & found your store by accident. Just shopping and went in. The Bug be gone products have totally changed my life. They work amazingly & smell great and no harm to my skin. I love them so much. Until I found them I had to stay in the house a lot. I’ve told a lot of my friends about your product & they too are using it.  All your products are awesome but the bug be gone products will always be on top of my list