Body Butter

Wow, back in New York, one truly needs a reliable body butter to keep skin soft and moist. I just love the aroma of the Cherry Almond and would always reach for this first after I got out of my shower. I was glad to see your website handles orders…..as I’ve ordered many gifts for myself and others.
Lisa M. – Baldwinsville, NY

I have been using your body butters for about 3 years now and there is nothing else on the market that even compares.  I keep them stocked and use a different scent after each bath.  I will continue to come back as long as you are in business.  Good luck and thank you for making quality products at an affordable price.
Regan O.

I bought your product at a show in Gatlinburg. I love every item that I bought. Now I’m buying more and expect to enjoy it just as much. The body butter is great. I am sensitive to smells. Smells have a tendency to give me migraines, but I have been able to use your Mountain Energy with no problems.

I am so sensitive to all lotions but have been surprised at the Winterberry Body Butter. I have had not allergic reaction. Love the feel on my legs and the scent of the winterberry.
Janis M. – Jacksonville, FL
I love the body butter. I usually hate body lotion and body butter, because it leaves me feeling greasy. But your products leave me feeling soft and feminine.
Anna C – Jasper, AL

Cherry Almond is a delicious scent. I know it’s a hit because people get into it so much that I ended up hiding the body butter.
Candy A – Greeneville, TN