The Mystic Mountain Naturals Story

We are service providers to small businesses in our area. Part of our job is to educate our clients like zetaclear review on how to start-up their businesses and to help market it. For this reason, we have created Mystic Mountain Naturals as a resource for us,our customers, and others to learn from the insights of other entrepreneurs. We hope to inspire them to be more creative in reaching their target audience,  and increase their overall web and offline presence.

Fen’s Story

Fen Taylor-Lee is a professional small business consultant. She has experience in developing investor-grade business plans to procure start-up funding or expansion of existing business. Fen guides her customers through the creation of top-notch business plans, advertising, investor presentations, and other supporting materials for powerful presentations to investors, banks, or even family and friends.

In the past six years Fen has worked with entrepreneurs and businesses in a wide range of industries at nearly every stage of development. Whether you need market analysis, a presentation, or a full business plan, Fen will assist you in defining the options and best information for you and your audience.

George’s Story

“I am not a writer” claims George Searing, but he contributes to this website as chief web site developer and content writer(seeker).

George specializes in custom websites for small businesses, product launches, artists, and individuals. He is also an accomplished photographer. Keeping a focus on small biz allows close contact with a variety of business owners. Small business owners and artists usually have a public persona they wish to incorporate into their web presence which guides the overall structure of a website. George adds his own touches and guides his clients regarding the end users experience.

George insists on following web standards guidelines where possible. Sites utilizing web standards will function properly in today’s browsers as well as the browsers of tomorrow.
Visit us frequently to check up on his fantastic work.

Our Guest Writers

Mystic Mountain Naturals invites industry experts and small business writers to join our team and post articles in our weblog. Some of the articles on our website are provided by renowned companies. Kindly contact us at if you are interested to contribute as well.

Disclosure Statement

Some business entities or individuals featured on this site are friends, relatives, or clients of the site creators. Their stories are no less valid, but merely more convenient. Doing business with the site creators is not a condition of publication, nor is monetary contribution.

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